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Betsy McCall’s Easter Eggcitement

Betsy McCallWe just finished doing a three day road trip to Northern Arizona. Part of our stay was in the town of Winslow (as in “Standing on a corner in …”). The town is a dingy, depressing little place with one beautifully restored hotel to recommend it, the La Posada. We also went to the town’s sole antique store and bought up a couple of vintage early ’70s McCall’s magazines for a quarter each. Betsy McCall paper dolls were a popular running feature in this magazine for years, but this one from 1973 must have been near the end of her run.

3 Thoughts on “Betsy McCall’s Easter Eggcitement

  1. Just came back from a trip to Arizona myself. Have to say Sedona was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Loved Flagstaff too. Thanks for the plug, your site generates a heck of a lot of hits, then Coudal ran with it, and whew, big spike!


  2. Hopefully you saw some cool N. AZ signs/buildings to render, Tom!

    Coudal is a very, very popular site. I guest edited for them about four years ago.

  3. pretty sweet!
    The Mcall paper dolls lasted until the early 90’s!
    My grandmother received the zine and for years I looked forward to this section! 10+ years later I became friends with an old creative director of the magazine… he remembered that the dolls received great praise and were one of his favorite parts of the publication!.. guess all good things come to an end… anyway… awesome find!

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