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Girls in White Dresses

Here’s what happens when stodgy chronicler of American history Smithsonian Magazine takes on ’60s Girl Group music. The article is very dryly written and unengaging, making obvious points and dwelling too much on Motown (which granted has some overlap with the Girl Group sound, but still …). The best thing about the piece is the lovely color photo of the Supremes rehearsing on some TV variety show. Perhaps my Supremes lovin’ friend Dan can fill me in on when/where that pic was taken.

3 Thoughts on “Girls in White Dresses

  1. It’s from “Hullabaloo” (NBC), they were singing “I Hear A Symphony,” and it actually is likely from the live performance. The orchestra was on the soundstage with them, although not actually playing(!). From the “attitude-y” poses of Florence (left) and Mary (center), this was likely at the very beginning of the performance (“…You’ve given me a true love…”). Another thing is that the color in this picture is a bit off. The dresses were a much more vibrant, rich lime sherbet color.

    I haven’t read the entire article yet, but I will say that *technically* the only group at Motown who would’ve INITIALLY fallen into the “girl group” genre would’ve been The Marvelettes circa 1961-1963. The Supremes were representative of much more than just the “girl group” sound.

  2. Thanks, Dan. Your knowledge of Flo, Mary and Diana astounds me!

    You wouldn’t happen to know what they ate for lunch that day?

  3. Hamburgers, black coffee, and cigarettes. Any other questions…? *g*

    Seriously, it’s my pleasure, Matt. I’m honored that you think of me when such questions are posed!

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