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Feudin’ Fillies of ’48

So I’m sitting here at my computer, getting over another flu and nursing an ailing s.o. while simultaneously attempting to squeeze a 9 page playbill design into 8 pages. Between all that work I’m scanning through several dozen weblogs and wondering why so there’s so little inspiration to be found there. Seems like the bloggers have lots to write about, but nothing of real substance. I did, however, find a couple of little things. First off is the junky redesign of the Dairy Queen logo, found via Coudal. This is what’s called “design by committe”, folks. Other, less upsetting examples of corporate rebranding are laid bare on the Brand New weblog.

My second finding are these scanned pages from a single 1948 issue of Collier’s magazine, courtesy of the always scintillating ASIFA. It demonstrates how valuable illustrators were back then, but even more intriguing to me was that “HEDDA AND LOUELLA STOP FEUDIN'” tagline on the issue’s cover. Hedda and Louella, why didn’t you just kiss and make up?

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