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Four for the Feeds

Still working out the kinks on this WordPress conversion, but I have a few new (to me) weblogs to share which I can across during the transition period:

  • Vintage Pop is the latest venture from J.D. Roth of Folded Space. This one deals in early 20th century American pop culture, and he’s already off to a great start (and thanks for helping me out, J.D.!).
  • Condour of Wacky Neighbor has embarked on another project in the form of Smallist, a weblog dealing with all things miniscule. It’s fascinating the variety of stuff one can write about in such a small area, no pun intended.
  • I came across The Hits Just Keep Comin’ after the proprietor linked to a scrubbles post. Nice writings on pop music of the recent past, especially as it relates to the Billboard charts (a freaky obsession of mine). Loved the recent post on the vaguely psychedelic ez-listening obscurity “1900 Yesterday” by Liz Damon & The Orient Express (among other tunes).
  • Modeling Midcentury Modern comes from a guy who does these amazing 3-D models of vintage buildings. His rendering of the Monsanto House of the Future was recently linked on The Disney Blog, but my personal fave might be this nifty old-skool Jack In The Box.

3 Thoughts on “Four for the Feeds

  1. Thanks for the mention. I enjoy your stuff; glad you enjoy mine. Keep up the good work o’er here.

    The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

  2. Thanks for the props! I just finished a torturous illustration of the Sleeper House which was influenced by the Monsanto House of the Future.

    Nice site, man now I’ve got to dig out my Betty Hutton lp.

    Tom (MMCM)

  3. Thanks Matt! I hope I can keep it going, but it seems there’s no shortage of small stuff to sweat.

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