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Dumb and Dumber

A couple of articles to make you question the intelligence of Americans – first up the L.A. Times has a piece on how TV games shows have gotten progressively easier over the last decade or so. A depressing read which reminded me of how much my own family absolutely adores Deal or No Deal. Granted I’ve never watched an episode, but c’mon, picking suitcases? It just goes to show that you can’t choose your relatives.

This one’s a little less of a downer – Entertainment Weekly on unfinished books. Everybody has at least one book which was started in all earnestness, but never completed. But what about the books that you just have sitting around with no intention of ever reading? Going through a bookshelf recently, I was struck by a pristine copy of The Tale of Genji which has only been saved from the fate of the thrift store box for its nice cover design. Only a severe sickness would ever drive me to read that book.

2 Thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber

  1. Matt

    the new layout looks great…very spacious

    I have a copy of Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” that I started reading about 1998…got about half-way through and stopped…now I read a page or two of it every few months.

    I figure I’ll finish it by 2040

    Since the advent of Amazon.Com, I (and I’m sure many others) have acquired many more books than I could possibly read in six lifetimes. As I look up at my little bookshelf here in the office, I see I have another 10-20 books with bookmarks sticking out the top of them.

    On the other hand…appreciating, handling, admiring, leafing-through, looking at and ocassionally glancing through books is often just as good as actually finishing them.

    Just having books around is an artistic act.

    The funny thing is that now (with the advent of the internet)books are the alternative media – and reading a book can be somewhat of a revolutionary act. I guess that’s always been true.

    PS – your favicon is rockin’ too


  2. Deal or No Deal has a ’50s antecedent: The New Treasure Hunt. I remember watching the show when Geoff Edwards was the host and thinking to myself “I like sandwiches.” I really did back then.

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