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Impossible Mission II

Out of curiosity I went to the local Wal-Mart and Target to see if they had any Nintendo Wiis in stock. Neither had them, although at Wal-Mart I was treated to a blowsy woman yelling “They got the GAMES only!” into her cell phone.

By far the best (well, only) videogame related news I heard today — Impossible Mission is coming back. And it will be available on the Wii. Loved playing that one on the Commodore 64. And here’s a review of the Wii’s downloadable classic games.

2 Thoughts on “Impossible Mission II

  1. The downloadable games are pretty sweet. I spent, like, eight Aussie dollars on “Columns,” which is actually a lot lamer than I remembered from when we had it on Sega Genesis. Still, the nostalgia factor was worth it. (The Snook keeps saying: “Why do you want to download games? We have a SNES emulator and a CD of every game every in there in the office.” But somehow it just seems cooler to have the *official* version, you know?)

  2. Yeah … after reading the Chicago Tribune article, I’m thinking of doing the Wii just for the downloads (although the article just posted at says they don’t have as many old-style games).

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