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Sticker Shock

Ephemera’s Marty Weil recently interviewed ’80s sticker collector Shawn Robare on his weblog. An interesting talk on something that isn’t usually thought of as a collectible. I also enjoyed Shawn’s weblog, Branded In The ’80s. Those stickers remind me of my fave local shop from back then, a multi-purpose gift store called Jutenhoops. They sold jokey greeting cards, board games, puzzles, kites and other such “fun” stuff (picture a more cluttered version of Over Our Heads from The Facts of Life), but one thing I definitely remember is the store’s section with rolls and rolls of stickers of every kind. It was amazing. This was around 1983-85, the same period as this sticker collecting vogue. Incidentally, Jutenhoops has stayed in business locally up until very recently, still having a healthy stock of “fun” stuff (but not as many stickers).

Tangentally related: x-entertainment’s piece on McDonald’s tray liners throughout the years is a fun and fascinating read (via Coudal).

3 Thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. Hey! That sticker looks kinda familiar ; I’ve probably told you this before, but I have a box full of late 70s/early 80s era stickers, inherited from my mom who used them to reward her students during her teaching days. Peanuts, Ziggy, Disney, Richard Scarry, scratch ‘n’ sniff, Kliban, George Booth, Sesame Street — I got ’em all! I could sell them on ebay, but it’s more fun to use them to decorate envelopes sent to friends. They’re so much cooler than trading cards.

  2. You have an eagle eye, Ion! I did scan that from one of the envelopes you sent.

    I’m thinking that Snoopy sticker dates from the “Urban Cowboy” period …

  3. Thanks for visiting the site, and I’m glad I could help stir up some memories. I sure wish there were places like Jutenhoops in my area.

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