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Periodically Speaking

More magazines! Here’s The 51 Best Magazines Ever as ranked by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. An excellent read with Carter smartly highlighting specific periods with many of his choices (Esquire 1961-73, for example). I’m so happy that he included Games from its ’80s glory years, ranked at #36. That magazine in that time absolutely rocked the erasers off my pencils.

3 Thoughts on “Periodically Speaking

  1. Yes, “Games” was a great magazine that I remember fondly from the 80s. Every issue provided hours of puzzling entertainment. My mother and I entered one of their “scavenger hunt” contests, where you had to send in stuff like a cartoon that featured a scientist or a business card of a vet who had an animal name as a last name. I even sent in a bunch of unsolicited slides of “Eyeball Benders” that I had photographed around the house, but sadly I never heard from them :(

  2. 1. I was geeky enough to covet a GAMES T-shirt, which was awarded for a published submission or letter. Never got one.

    2. The best part was possibly the fake ads.

    3. Not everyone realized it, but all the GAMES word-search puzzles had a quotation hidden in the uncircled letters which related to the puzzle’s theme in some way.

  3. I licked several stamps attempting to win a Games t-shirt, too.

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