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100 Favorite Moments In Television Revisited

I’ve updated an old scrubbles page — 100 Favorite Moments In Television, a reprint of an article which appeared in the short-lived pop culture magazine Egg in 1991. When I first put this together back in 2003, I didn’t notice that a few missing pound symbols in the page’s HTML code resulted in a screwy looking page when viewed in Firefox. That’s been fixed, along with an addition that couldn’t have done so easily in ’03 — video links to many of the clips mentioned!

Though I’m not yet finished linking up the entire list, this little exercise has allowed me to dig up a lot of fascinating curios such as the infamous Rob Lowe/Snow White duet from the 1989 Academy Awards. The lavish musical number was actually kind of cute and not nearly the epic-sized disaster that critics called it back then.

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