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Great Lost TV Theme: Probe/Search

Every so often I have a mini-obsession with certain tracks in my iTunes library. Lately it’s been composer Dominic Frontiere’s theme from Probe, a made for TV movie which served as the pilot for the series Search. From what I can gather, Search was a technology-based caper series in the Mission Impossible vein. It ran for a single season, long enough to garner a nifty TV Guide cover illustrated by Bob Peak. Frontiere’s arrangement has such a totally “early ’70s TV movie” vibe, it hurts — a super swanky, swingy affair similar to Burt Bacharach’s A&M solo albums from around that same period. Unlike Burt’s stuff, however, this theme was likely never released commercially (hence the mp3’s faulty sound quality).

At the fansite Probe Control, you can download a nice mpeg of the Probe opening credits (complete with “computer” font and groovy motion graphics). The YouTube clip below demonstrates the shorter, sped up version of the theme used in Search.

mp3_sm.jpgDominic Frontiere — Probe Main Title Theme

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