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Weekend Update

A few jottings for an unusually warm Saturday:

  • Christopher’s post on the U.S. Citizenship Test contains links to the test Qs and As which recent immigrants need to memorize to gain citizenship. Look over the 142 questions to figure out how much elementary school history you’ve retained.
  • reader Chandy sent me The Final Take, an interesting All Movie Guide commentary on how John Cusack’s performances in Say Anything and High Fidelity reflect the romantic state of today’s man. Thanks, Chandy!
  • My review of Sondre Lerche’s album Phantom Punch is posted at So Much Silence. The comparison with Phoenix’s It’s Never Been Like That (which I had just loaded into iTunes a few weeks ago) is completely apt.
  • Sixteen months after redesigning this weblog, I’ve finally updated the corresponding favicon to match my little self portrait on the front page. The only thing that bugs me is that the icon still looks like gobbledygook in Bloglines — and mine’s the only one with that special “screwed up” look. Anybody know why that is so?
  • Finally, head over to the Web Goddess Oscar Contest for a chance at winning a trio of Kris’s fabulous sock monkeys!

5 Thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. and mine’s the only one with that special “screwed up” look. Anybody know why that is so?

    My default answer is: they hate you! But, since I had other problems there too, they also hate me. ;)

    Did you try to point to your favicon at “My Account > Publisher Tools” on Bloglines? It solved other problem that I had with a favicon, but I had to wait a couple of days to see the changes.

  2. Bibi, I went in there and configured it like you described. Hopefully they don’t hate me too much and the changes will take effect.

  3. just my dumb opinion, but I think a favicon of your ear or that tuft of hair on your head would work better than your dotted eye. I don’t connect the favicon that’s up there now with your self-portrait

    A basic favicon is 16 X 16 pixels (I think)…the standard thing to do is work on a 64 X 64 piece of art and then reduce from there…if you start larger, then the pixels will get squished

    I had tried for months to do a decent favicon for my site, then just came up with a good one by accident (a cute tiny houseplant in a clay planter) –

    tiny HPS favicon – click here

    have a great week

  4. Matt, I’d have to agree with Kurt on this. I just “got” your favicon coming up when I opened the site today (it wasn’t there for me the other day when you first posted about updating it), and it took me about 15 seconds to finally realize that it was the dot of your eye and parts of the frames of your glasses. Although it could probably be slightly streamlined (the old favicon had an “S” that seemed “chunky” compared to what’s on your page), I kinda liked idea of the “‘S’ is for ‘scrubbles'” as your favicon. It’s just my $0.02. HAPPY TUUUUUESDAY, Matt!

  5. Mmkay … now I have it as an S which matches the current Scrubbles S, not the old one. I think I like this one better.

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