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You Better Work

As Sports Illustrated runs its first-ever Swimsuit Issue with a celeb and not a model on the cover, Nikki Finke of the L.A. Weekly runs the numbers and confirms what we already know — celebs sell magazines. Now, I couldn’t care less about S.I. and their “Minivan Cheesecake” approach to fashion coverage, but this news kind of took me aback.

Doesn’t it make you miss the early ’90s heyday of the Supermodel? Christy, Linda, Naomi, where are you? Fashion seemed more “real” back then, and the industry didn’t need an anorexic trainwreck like Lindsay Lohan to help sell their wares. Another thing: the Todd Oldham of MTV House of Style was so much more fun and appealing than the waxy looking, monotonous creature currently hosting Bravo’s Top Design. The mag of record back then was the Liz Tiberis-edited, Fabien Baron-designed Harpers Bazaar, but that turned out to be a blip of brilliance in an otherwise vapid marketplace. It was an “anything goes” time that made you think of the creative possibilities. Okay, I think I’m done being nostalgic for now.

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3 Thoughts on “You Better Work

  1. You’re right, the The Liz Tiberis/ Fabien Baron 90’s Bazaar can’t be beat. Timeless…

    but it is still too early to be nostalgic for the 90’s!

    E –

  2. It’s never too early. I’m nostalgic for last Tuesday.

  3. Andrea and I both agree about Mr. Oldham’s strange delivery and wooden performance on Top Design. And I had just mentioned to her about how much cooler Todd was back then. What happened?

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