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The Secret World of Guys

The New York Times on the best and worst Super Bowl ads. We recorded the telecast last night, especially for the ads. With the very first ad break I whined to C., “these commercials are soooo Straight White Male.” I felt like I needed to watch a few touchy-feely Lifetime TV movies to cleanse myself of all that faux testosterone. Anyway, the unanimous favorite in our household was the GM robot spot (seen here at teevee’s recap). It was amazing in how the makers applied human emotions to a robot arm, and Eric Carmen’s weepy “All By Myself” on the soundtrack was a nice touch. I also loved the Japanese kiddie show parody advertising some GPS system. On the other hand the one with Jay-Z and some old guy playing virtual football was completely incomprehensible, and I agree with the Times that most of the spots had an odd violent streak going on.

2 Thoughts on “The Secret World of Guys

  1. Christopher on February 5, 2007 at 5:54 pm said:

    The robot ad is perfectly executed: well written, filmed, timed, everything. I even got a little choked up at him feeling so lonely, unloved and useless. I mean, we have all been there and could empathise. Poor thing!

  2. The Emerald Nuts ad featuring Robert Goulet was a keeper too.

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