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I Sing the Body Electric

Last night Christopher and myself journeyed over to the Arizona Science Center to view an exhibit called Body Worlds 3. It was wild and interesting. The “Body Worlds” concept was introduced by German scientist Gunther Von Hagens, who developed a method of preserving dead tissue in a process which replaces human body fluids with liquified plastic. On the outset it’s somewhat creepy to think that these bodies on display were once living beings, but those thoughts vanish once you’re actually in the exhibit. Brief glimpses of a Body Worlds exhibit could be seen in the movie Casino Royale. We first discovered it in another flick, the German thriller Anatomy. If you’ve never seen this one, it’s quite an over-the-top hoot — the plot revolves around a group of medical students are terrorized by a mysterious serial killer, one who has the balls to plasticize their bodies in a huge museum display! The cast includes Franka Potente of Run Lola Run, who likely has left this particular opus off her resume.

One Thought on “I Sing the Body Electric

  1. Excellent! We saw the BODIES exhibit here in Seattle (before some moron stole a kidney from it). At the end, there was a body with his arms both upraised and Rob pokes me and says “That’s their leader.” I laughed all the way out onto the street.

    But seriously, it was an incredible, thought-provoking exhibit.

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