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Monthly Archives: January 2007

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Pop Secret

Convalescing over the weekend, I kept myself occupied by compiling a new mix CD. Usually for the new year I try to get a good sampling of recent music on these things — and although this one sports a few such songs (such as Lucky Soul’s fantastic Girl Group pastiche “Lips Are Unhappy”, my favorite single of 2006), most of it turned out to be older stuff. I slapped a cover together and titled it The Guy Zummo Experience.

Typical of the mix is the theme song from TV’s Nanny and the Professor performed by The Addrisi Brothers (who scored a hit with the soft-rockin’ “We’ve Got To Get It On Again” around that same time). Although I’m too young to have seen Nanny during its 1970-71 run, I did manage to watch this show a few times when it reran on the FX cable channel in its early days. It was cutely forgettable, with star Juliet Mills having a distinct “Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched” vibe. Interesting that Mills went from playing a magical nanny to playing a magical witch in Passions several years later. Typecasting at its best! Check out the groovy Nanny opening credits here.

mp3_sm.jpgThe Addrisi Brothers — “Nanny” (1970).

It’s SNL and You’re Not

The Onion’s Nathan Rabin shares his impressions of Saturday Night Live after viewing the first season DVD set. Funny that Rabin’s first exposure to SNL was similar mine (and doubtless millions of others). Some long-ago night, my parents had some company over. They sent us kids to bed so everyone else could watch SNL. From then on it had the forbidden allure of Playboy and R-rated movies. By the time our local UHF station was running repeats of those landmark early seasons, I was hooked (although, unlike Rabin, I stopped watching around the time Phil Hartman left the cast). Anyway, a good read.

Out Sick

I came down with the flu last night. I feel terrible (although vomiting for the first time in years is an interesting experience). Therefore I’m giving a rest until next week.

Three, the Magic Number

Good things come in threes tonight—

  • The 50 Greatest Cartoons, video links to every cartoon as polled by animation experts in 1994. Dig the creepy rotoscoping on Minnie the Moocher. (via The Disney Blog)
  • Robrt L. Pela of the Phoenix New Times wrote up a nice appreciation of Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s 1949 masterpiece A Letter to Three Wives. Pela happens to live in our neighborhood, so he undoubtedly has good taste in both housing and classic films.
  • The wonders of Wikipedia: users have listed just about every film that ran on USA Up All Night during its 1986-98 run. I ask ya, how pathetic is it that I actually stayed in and watched The Malibu Bikini Shop?

Another Year of Couch Sitting

Last night we closed out the year with the 1964 Vincent Price thriller The Last Man on Earth. The movie had an interesting concept, but the pacing was so tedious that it made me sleepy-eyed long before midnight (inevitably, the traditional New Years neighborhood gunfire woke me back up). That brings an end to my annual catalog of films watched for 2006. These lists seem to get longer with every passing year — should you think I spent the entire year plopped on the couch watching obscure pre-Code movies, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth. They also go all the way back to the year 2000, by the way (just change the web address to view the corresponding year’s list).


Actually, watching a boring movie plopped on the couch pretty much encapsulates my entire year from a personal standpoint. Whether it was eBay selling or attempting to gain more freelance design clients, I feel like the previous year was overwhelmingly marked by putting a lot of effort into things which ultimately didn’t pay off. Effective time management has always been a problem with me; I lack the motivation and discipline to get projects going to a satisfying conclusion. So maybe I should help the problem one small step at a time. I’ll start with a tiny resolution — whenever I have the urge to watch TV, I’ll pull out a sketchbook instead.

With that out of the way, let’s try and shift focus to the good things about 2006: I started working out again a year ago, and now I feel fitter and look better than ever before. Christopher continues to be a wonderful teacher and inspiration for me. We mourned the departure of our wise old cat Eames, and welcomed the arrival of frisky Eero to the homestead. Just last weekend we got a spiffy new car (a 2007 Chevy Aveo with a sporty shade of yellow). Although I didn’t acquire any new regular clients over the last year, I’ve strengthened relations with the ones I have. And I posted a lot of fascinating old crap on Flickr. So it wasn’t a total loss. Here’s a thanks to you, scrubbles readers, and best wishes for a productive and peaceful 2007.