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Gone Dotty

The screenshot below illustrates what I’ve been working at all day. Tell me, designers, have you ever had to deal with a bitmap file with an unwanted halftone pattern in the background? The only method to get rid of said pattern is to painstakingly chip away at it with an eraser in extreme close-up. It’s a bitch.


3 Thoughts on “Gone Dotty

  1. Matt

    1) convert to grayscale

    2) carefully draw a lasso around halftone areas

    3) hit delete (make sure background is white)

    4) rebuild any edges you need to re-build with brush tool

    5) convert back to bitmap

    There must be a way to deal with this through “channels” – or maybe with the old “magnetic lasso” (which I never use)


    maybe you can make a copy of the whole design, invert that copy (turn blacks into whites) and paste it back over original design, etc

    Because the halftone pattern is butting up against other stuff, almost any technique will require some trimming or erasing…

    good luck

    there’s always something new to learn with Photoshop…it’s unrelenting


  2. Reminds me of my days as an entry-level designer at a newspaper — chipping away is right.

  3. Meh! When I was in advertising sales for a newspaper I used to get that all the time. FAXED! logos, etc.

    Print it out, blow it up on the copier, then trace it with a Sharpie. Rescan, voila.

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