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Smokey Bear, You’re Next!

Little Pieces Of My Childhood Disappearing Dept.: Boing Boing posted on the U.S. Forest Service’s newly redesigned Woodsy Owl costume. The formerly rotund, cartoony spokesbird now sports a slimmer, more “active” look. And a shirt. Then B.B. followed up with a post on the government’s weird guidelines for disposing of the old costumes. Seriously, did you see the new costume? L-A-M-E lame.

2 Thoughts on “Smokey Bear, You’re Next!

  1. Mass Bradley on January 20, 2007 at 9:28 am said:

    Check out for a nice assortment of old Smokey stuff!
    He’s got 6 days of ephemera and imagery!

  2. Busco la publicidad de “smokeybear” para mi blog. Busco codigo gracias.

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