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Salty Potato Crisps, Take Me Away

pringles.gifYesterday I satisfied an odd Pringles fix by buying a can of Original at the local convenience store. It’s been a while, and I hadn’t noticed that the standard Cheez-Ums flavor is now called Cheddar Cheese. Anyway, the can’s protective seal advertised something called “Pringles Minis”. I can imagine the thinking behind this latest Pringles permutation: “Our focus groups continue to love the delicious taste of our product, but many feel inconvenienced by having to open wide to eat them.”

Digging around at revealed a few interesting tidbits about how they market around the world. Australia has a tomato and mozzarella flavor (why not call it pizza?). Paprika and Thai seasonings seem to be popular flavors across Europe. The European light chips are crypitically named “Light Aromas”. Coolest of all, you can get ketchup flavor Pringles in Canada. Color me jealous. And YouTube has a bevy of vintage commercials: an older ad hawking the “newfangled” potato snack, a gloriously cheezy computer-themed spot, and another one with an unknown Brad Pitt playing a surfer dude.

4 Thoughts on “Salty Potato Crisps, Take Me Away

  1. Verrrrry interesting, Matt! Dennis and I recently saw in Walgreen’s and then again at Albertson’s Pringles’ apparently newest product: Pringles Select Rice Crisps. They are shaped somewhat like pringles, but at least half the size and have a bubbled, almost “fried” texture. They were NOT cheap ($3+ for 8oz), but we decided to try the Szechuan flavor. OMG! It may just be this particular flavor, but these rice crisps have been SATURATED with salt! The flavor is tasty, but they’re too salty AND you get a “salt hangover” later, to boot!

    I recall first encountering Pringles back in the mid-to-late 1970s (whenever they first came out) at my grandparents’ house. My mother might not have allowed such “junk food” in the house, but my grandparents didn’t care! Besides the unique taste, I recall being highly amused by the potato crisps’ versatility in allowing you to take two and create a set of “duck lips” (bill) coming out of your mouth. Ah, the innocence–and stupidity–of youth!

  2. the “another one” link takes you back to instead of youtube….

  3. D’Oh. Now it’s fixed.

    Dan – I can see what ya mean by overwhelming saltiness. These Original chips were like salt bombs exploding in my mouth. Reduced Fat Original is more my style.

  4. Did you all knw that they cut the amount of seasoning on Pringles to save money. Not near as good as they used to be. I called in to complain about it o their 1-800 number, and hope that others will do the same

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