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Pop Secret

Convalescing over the weekend, I kept myself occupied by compiling a new mix CD. Usually for the new year I try to get a good sampling of recent music on these things — and although this one sports a few such songs (such as Lucky Soul’s fantastic Girl Group pastiche “Lips Are Unhappy”, my favorite single of 2006), most of it turned out to be older stuff. I slapped a cover together and titled it The Guy Zummo Experience.

Typical of the mix is the theme song from TV’s Nanny and the Professor performed by The Addrisi Brothers (who scored a hit with the soft-rockin’ “We’ve Got To Get It On Again” around that same time). Although I’m too young to have seen Nanny during its 1970-71 run, I did manage to watch this show a few times when it reran on the FX cable channel in its early days. It was cutely forgettable, with star Juliet Mills having a distinct “Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched” vibe. Interesting that Mills went from playing a magical nanny to playing a magical witch in Passions several years later. Typecasting at its best! Check out the groovy Nanny opening credits here.

mp3_sm.jpgThe Addrisi Brothers — “Nanny” (1970).

4 Thoughts on “Pop Secret

  1. I’m not too young to remember “Nanny & The Professor,” but I had forgotten how bad the theme was! Luckily, bad themes still make for great memories! Thanks!

  2. My friend Kim’s favorite TV show of all time is Nanny and the Professor. I asked her why one time and she replied: “I haven’t the foggiest idea.”

  3. Jim Kosmicki on January 10, 2007 at 10:07 am said:

    If I recall, the only reason we watched this show at all is that it was part of the ABC Friday night sequence with the Bradys and the Partridges. and while I can recited whole episodes of those two shows chapter and verse, I can barely remember this show at all — so that tells you something (about me or the show, you pick).

  4. Who is Guy Zummo and what is up with his hair?

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