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Another Year of Couch Sitting

Last night we closed out the year with the 1964 Vincent Price thriller The Last Man on Earth. The movie had an interesting concept, but the pacing was so tedious that it made me sleepy-eyed long before midnight (inevitably, the traditional New Years neighborhood gunfire woke me back up). That brings an end to my annual catalog of films watched for 2006. These lists seem to get longer with every passing year — should you think I spent the entire year plopped on the couch watching obscure pre-Code movies, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth. They also go all the way back to the year 2000, by the way (just change the web address to view the corresponding year’s list).


Actually, watching a boring movie plopped on the couch pretty much encapsulates my entire year from a personal standpoint. Whether it was eBay selling or attempting to gain more freelance design clients, I feel like the previous year was overwhelmingly marked by putting a lot of effort into things which ultimately didn’t pay off. Effective time management has always been a problem with me; I lack the motivation and discipline to get projects going to a satisfying conclusion. So maybe I should help the problem one small step at a time. I’ll start with a tiny resolution — whenever I have the urge to watch TV, I’ll pull out a sketchbook instead.

With that out of the way, let’s try and shift focus to the good things about 2006: I started working out again a year ago, and now I feel fitter and look better than ever before. Christopher continues to be a wonderful teacher and inspiration for me. We mourned the departure of our wise old cat Eames, and welcomed the arrival of frisky Eero to the homestead. Just last weekend we got a spiffy new car (a 2007 Chevy Aveo with a sporty shade of yellow). Although I didn’t acquire any new regular clients over the last year, I’ve strengthened relations with the ones I have. And I posted a lot of fascinating old crap on Flickr. So it wasn’t a total loss. Here’s a thanks to you, scrubbles readers, and best wishes for a productive and peaceful 2007.

6 Thoughts on “Another Year of Couch Sitting

  1. Matt! Congratulations on all of the good things that happened for you in 2006! As for those that you considered to be not so “good,” don’t sweat it. They’re all in the past now!

    Did you get the 4-door sedan or the 5-door hatchback Chevy Aveo? I am seeing on the Chevy website that an iPod/auxillary jack comes standard on the sedan! :-) Nothing better than taking your entire iTunes library with you on the go!

    Happy New Year to you, Christopher–and Eero!

  2. Thanks, Dan. We got the sedan. More specifically C. bought the Aveo and I got his old ’97 Geo. And it does have the iPod jack!

  3. Happy new year. Glad to have reconnected.

    Speaking of that AUX jack, I’ve been looking at cars myself and can’t believe I’ve put that option high on my priority list in shopping. Weird.

    I see on your movie list you saw Wordplay. My brother and his wife got it for me on DVD for x-mas. Any good? I need to carve out some time — instead of actually doing crosswords — to watch it.

  4. Kevin – Wordplay was excellent! I wrote about it here. It totally inspired me to get back into those NYT crosswords. I hear the DVD has a lot of good extras, too.

  5. Christopher P. on January 3, 2007 at 9:03 am said:

    I think I watched that very same Vincent Price movie at the very same time you did! How bizzare!

    I can relate to your feelings of under-achievement TOTALLY ! the details are different – for me, an unemployed former high school English Teacher looking for work – but the general zeitgeist is the same. Any career advice?

    Good luck in ’07. For us all.

  6. You probably started getting drowsy at the same time, too!

    Good luck with the job search. The only advice I have would be to let everyone around you know that you’re looking – you never know who’ll have a good tip.

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