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Into the Groovy

I got reactions of both thrill and nausea watching the first 10 minutes from Make Your Own Kind of Music, a 1971 TV variety special starring Herb Alpert, The Carpenters, Al Hirt, Mark Lindsay, and The Doodletown Pipers (via Patrick). Enjoyed the Sesame Streetlike opening, the alphabet theme is nicely carried throughout the show, and the guys all wear giant stiff lapels that look as if they could put someone’s eye out. And Karen Carpenter sure could rock those drums. TV variety shows from that period have all sorts of queasy “old/new” moments, such as this clip of Doris Day singing “Day by Day” from Godspell alongside some hippieish musicians.

One Thought on “Into the Groovy

  1. I loved “Make Your Own Kind Of Music.” I recall it being a series, rather than a special. It also featured Burns & Schrieber. Thanks for the tip!

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