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Button Pusher

Fimoculous compiled a lot of neat diversions for his Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading list. One choice that especially stood out for me was History of the Button, a weblog entirely devoted to push buttons (yep). It’s great enough that the person doing this blog has a photo of a ’50s button console from (I think) the Monsanto House of the Future on the front page, but he also recently did an entry on Merlin! I for one didn’t know that Parker Brothers needed to inform Merlin buyers on how to properly use its unusually flat buttons.

2 Thoughts on “Button Pusher

  1. Thanks Scrubbles. And yep, that’s exactly from the Monsanto House of the Future. I really enjoyed your digging up the Blip and Merlin (same week!) commercials on YouTube. That’s genius. I should start mining for those as well. I have a Blip at work, but I think they’re having more fun in the commercial.

  2. Neat, Bill. Keep up the good work on your weblog and congrats (I was on Rex’s ’02 Best Blogs list).

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