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A Feast of Disney Music

Happy Thanksgiving … I’ve gorged myself on turkey, cornbread stuffing with apple pieces, and boiled parsley carrots. That said, I did manage to waddle to the computer and download some neat old Disney music which iTunes just recently added to their store (thanks for the tip, Julie!). For me, the highlight was Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland. This was the first LP released on Walt Disney Records in 1956, less a travelogue than a sweeping orchestral suite (and a true time capsule of ’50s “see the world” optimism). I especially enjoyed the Space Age/Exotica stylings on the Adventureland and Tomorrowland tracks. iTunes has it for only $4.99, a great deal.

I also downloaded the Walt Disney Records Archive Collection, Vol. 1, a 25 track online-only collection which includes rare tracks from the years 1956-1979. While the music is uniformly nice and sounding excellent, iTunes includes only the barest of info on the tracks — and the set’s accompanying “Digital Booklet” is just a lousy pdf file containing some album cover repros. It’s somewhat pathetic that this message board post from a Disney music fan has more info than what iTunes can provide for its own paying customers. Other than that annoyance, this is a beautifully selected compilation which might serve as a harbinger for future iTunes/Disney offerings.

In other Disney news, the company has set up a special area on its website for their Legacy Collection DVD releases (spotted this at The Disney Frontier Blog). Most exciting is the entry for an upcoming collection of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons. Yes, yes, yes!!

One Thought on “A Feast of Disney Music

  1. debra wells on February 28, 2007 at 9:20 am said:

    This is a great CD, I love listining to it.

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