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Dept. of How Funny

In five plus years of doing this weblog, I’ve never gotten an email from somebody I wrote about — until now. A few days ago, former Entertainment Tonight correspondent Dixie Whately sent me a response to this. She wasn’t pissed off; on the contrary she was funny and sweet! These days Ms. Whatley is doing some film reviewing and a lot of stone sculpting and photograpy. Her lovely work can be seen here.

By the way, Christopher and I met exactly twelve years ago on this date. Happy anniversary to us!

3 Thoughts on “Dept. of How Funny

  1. massbradley on November 22, 2006 at 8:32 pm said:

    Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest guys in the universe!
    Please tell me how/when/where you met?
    Was it Love At First Sight?
    Or a slow accretion of shared interests?
    Or Monkey Lust from the get-go?
    Spill it, you crazy angels!
    (and Henry says hello…!)

  2. Well at least it wasn’t Rex Reed that you pissed off. He’d come down to Phoenix and slap you silly! Congratulations on your 12th anniversary, Matt and Christopher. How did you guys meet anyway?

  3. Thanks, guys. C tells the story of How We Met here..

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