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How Logo Can You Go

Fun little diversion: identify the correct logo in the quickest time (via Kris at Web Goddess). Being presented with six minute variants on popular e-company logos might sound simple, but some of them are unexpectedly tough. I completed the quiz in just under two minutes. The fact that it took me five tries before correctly guessing the MySpace logo oughta tell you how often I visit that horrid site.

3 Thoughts on “How Logo Can You Go

  1. Mass Bradley on November 16, 2006 at 3:23 pm said:

    I am a baaaaaad consumer!
    But please don’t take away my Costco card–(214 Pampers for only 32 smackers!)….
    And yes: Every Single Comment MUST contain a baby reference. I haven’t seen another human face (besides my lovely wife’s) in 3 months.
    Please. Send. Liquor.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to vent online ;) Costco, pampers, Myspace yet liquor remains whole not broken down by brand. What a wonderful wor-ld…

    I went to see your store on café press. Wow! I love the little baby drawing and also the kitty cat and the happy shoppers rectangle magnet. Nice drawings. Were you using illustrator or rendering them by hand? or both? Color choice is great for the latter one. Shopping, envy green tile for the fridge. I like it.

    Cheers scribbles.

  3. Thanks, Jessica! Much of that art is scanned drawings colored/manipulated in Photoshop. The Happy Shoppers drawing was colored in Illustrator.

    I need to update the Cafe Press store with more stuff.

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