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Birthday Haul #2: Looney Tunes Vol. 3

The birthday loot continues with the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 3. I supplied my parents with a suggestion to get either this or the Rhino Girl Group set, and they bought both. Maybe becoming grandparents brought out their indulgent side, but we’ve definitely been enjoying the cartoons on these DVDs. The format is the same as previous collections, with themed discs filled to the brims with vintage animated shorts and a generous array of extras. With many of the popular (and overplayed) classics used up on the first two volumes, they’re starting to delve into the more obscure and interesting stuff here.

If I had one minor complaint, it would be with the forced intros by Whoopi Goldberg warning of the cartoons’ non-PC content in the most condescending way possible. The footage automatically plays when you insert each disc (and it’s the same on all four discs!). Although skippable, Warner Bros. has earned the ire of many a Looney Tunes fan with this misguided method of appeasing professional complainers. These sets are clearly marketed to the adult collector (not kids), so why bother catering to idiots? On the upside it appears that Whoopi is missing on the Volume 4, out this week. Maybe they’ve replaced the auto-play warnings with simple and unobtrusive text panels preceding the more offensive ‘toons (which Warner has already effectively used on the Busby Berkeley DVDs). Despite all that I’d still say this is the best of the first three Golden sets, with entire discs devoted to two of my fave Looney Tunes subjects — Porky Pig and Hollywood parodies. I’m so thankful these mini-masterpieces are back, looking and sounding better than ever!

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