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Stroll through the Daisies

I’m walkin’ on sunshine. My pal Patrick is sharing six Sunshine Pop compilations which he originally assembled in 2002. I never get tired of this kinda music, evocative of moony couples walking though sun-dappled fields. I’m particularly interested in hearing more from harmony-based vocal quartet The Arbors. These guys may have looked like accountants from The Bank of Squaresville, but in 1969 they released an LP of amazing contemporary rock covers which included their brief but gorgeous take on The Doors’ “Touch Me”. Take a listen and see if you agree.

The Arbors: “Touch Me”, from the LP The Arbors Featuring I Can’t Quit Her/The Letter (1969). Thanks Ion!

4 Thoughts on “Stroll through the Daisies

  1. Wow.



  2. Wait a minute…

    you mean there really WAS a group called Four Jacks and a Jill???

  3. Yep. They were South African.

  4. Looks like some fantastic compilations! Now if I could only find someone who loves me enough to put them all on an mp3 disc for me. That person would be my bestest friend forever! ;)

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