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Election Day

Now that election day is almost over, it’s time for a few hopes. Firstly, I’m hoping people in my home state of Arizona actually vote and not sit on their collective butts watching Dancing with the Stars or whatever — action is always better than inaction. Secondly, I’m hoping that AZ gets a big dose of common sense and votes no on Proposition 107. This is our version those “marriage is between a man and a woman” bullcrap amendment proposals which have already gone through several states (and passed unfortunately). Thirdly, a hope for less confusion in the future. My state has two anti-public smoking propositions which cancel each other out — don’t make the same mistake we did and vote the wrong way (it should be yes on 201 and no on 206). Fourthly, I’m hoping that Maricopa County residents are good animal lovers and voted yes on prop 204. This one, if passed, would ban veal crates and other inhumane treatments at meat farms in the valley. Never mind that this prop only affects the one pig farm in our county — it’s the message that counts.

Onward to the candidates. We love our governor, Janet Napolitano, and voted for her to continue on for another term. Yeah, she’s likely a big dyke who needs to come out of the closet, but I’m hoping a more secure second term will encourage her to join the family. The other candidates were also no-brainers. Normally I vote from my head and not my gut, weighing the individual candidates’ merits and not toeing the party line. Not so this year. I voted straight Democrat, and hopefully others across the U.S. who are infuriated with the Republicans feel the same way. The Brady Bunch said it best: “When it’s time to change you’ve got to rearrange.” So true.

4 Thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Mass Bradley on November 7, 2006 at 8:05 pm said:

    Who knew the Brady Kids were the antidote to ol’ Karl Rove?
    Next we’ll discover that Jack Tripper’s “Regal Beagle Accords” are the key to the foreign policy agenda for generations to come!
    Locally, the Dems have regained the governorship of Massachusetts after 16 bitter years of mis-rule, and there is much rejoicing.
    This Just In:
    She-Ra and Battle-Cat have split the ticket for Mayor of Boston. Details at eleven…

  2. Put the last of my “Yes On 204” yard signs up this morning — 75 feet from the polling booth, just like the law says.

    Nothing left to do but open a bottle and relax.

  3. Looks like prop 204 passed and 107 very surprisingly failed. Some of the candidates I voted for didn’t win, but that’s okay. Hooray for the Dems taking over the House!

  4. Hayworth won’t go away with out a fight, naturally. After all, he’s only behind by 6000 votes, and there are “100,000 votes still uncounted.” Furthermore, many of them are “from his own district.”

    You can just hear him on the phone with his masters: “Come on! Work with me here!”

    (We haven’t heard the last of J.D., of course. He’s going to be our next governor!)

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