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The Children’s Half-Hour

I got a couple of ’80s kiddie video tidbits to share here. Finding the original My Buddy commercial on YouTube was a distinct thrill for me. This jingle is comedy gold, folks, especially the razzle-dazzle way the unknown little boy (possibly a girl) singer delivers it. Pray tell, what is that kid doing now? Probably headlining the evening variety show on a Carnival Cruise somewhere, that’s what. My Buddy was one of the first dolls geared toward little boys, later serving as the inspiration for Childsplay‘s Chucky. Recently the jingle was given a Robot Chicken parody as “My Stalker”. Without further ado:

Our next bit is one of those “message” pieces that the FCC forced producers of kiddie programs to do in order to make their crappily animated shows appear less like toy commercials. In this case we have She-Ra and He-Man warning children about the dangers of sexual predators. Let the hilarity begin!

3 Thoughts on “The Children’s Half-Hour

  1. In high school, my best friend’s little brother had a My Buddy doll. When the little boy broke his leg, the nurse put a cast on the My Buddy doll, too. He loved that doll. I wonder if he still has it?

  2. Oh boy. That IS some comedy gold here, Matt! Especially that He-Man piece. Some great irony to be mined in that one.

  3. emmarose on December 10, 2007 at 11:40 am said:

    i was middle school age when the my buddy thing came out and i remember that theme song vividly. the kid who sings does have a pretty strong broadway voice. hysterical. he probably is doing dinner theater somewhere in las vegas. that toy was popular with kids younger than me so i never had one. those 80’s toys were hysterical and cheesy.

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