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Dreams A Go Go

The Dreamgirls trailer popped up during last night’s South Park. Excellent. Can’t wait for December! Beyoncé sure looks eerily like a young Diana Ross in those previews.

Funny — the producers of the original Broadway Dreamgirls were famously cagey about comparing their story with the Supremes’ saga, but it appears that the filmmakers are being less covert. If you look closely in one brief flash of a scene, a blown-up album cover for the film’s fictional trio The Dreams can be seen in the background. The album derives its design from two vintage Supremes albums: More Hits By The Supremes (1965) for the layout and Supremes A Go Go (1966) for the photography. I wonder if the film will have more of these little in-jokes for Supremes fans?

2 Thoughts on “Dreams A Go Go

  1. OMG, Matt! You’ve haven’t seen the “album cover” for The Dreams’ “Touch.” It IS the freakin’ Supremes’ “Touch” album cover! Right down to the rainbow-colored background and sepia-toned pictures of the girls! I got a few promo items (magnets, album cover “hand fans,” and too-small T-shirts) for volunteer-working at Gay Days at Disneyland a few weeks ago. I was floored when I saw everything! Between that and seeing the trailer, I wonder if this movie will have more Supremes-related Easter Eggs?

  2. They didn’t even bother changing the title, huh? How funny.

    Christopher showed me this L.A. Times article —,0,2314826.story?page=1&coll=env-home-subfeaturebar&track=mostviewed-storylevel

    Diana Ross must have a massive ego if she believes her opinion would sway b.o. or Oscar voters.

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