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Stop the Madness

The 7 Worst Fonts (via Kottke). It begs the question, once again: why is Comic Sans so popular? Here’s the font equivalent of a chubby middle-aged biddy in a hand-decorated sweatshirt. Simply put, it’s popular with people who don’t know any better. And it will depressingly remain on its reviled perch until Microsoft removes it from Windows. Like the common cockroach, it will never, ever, ever go away.

3 Thoughts on “Stop the Madness

  1. OMG, I love this. The worst abuses take place in America’s corporations (“cant you use a more ‘fun’ font to design the pink slips so people will feel better about this?)

    They missed some truly ugly ones, like Braggadocio. And I cant believe Courier got left off–I see people use it and all it ever says to me is “that font defaulted”.

  2. Oh shit! I think I used Comic Sans (or something closely resembling it) on my first Kids Rock mix cover. I was young and didn’t know any better! I somehow knew that Papyrus was going to be included. Taco Salad is pretty overused as well.

  3. You’re forgiven, Ion. I had to look up Taco Salad. That’s the knockoff version of Fajita —

    We used it all the time 10 years ago!!

    Libby, I agree with you on Courier – and don’t understand why people use “computer” fonts like that and Chicago in print. But I have a soft spot for Braggadocio and all those chunky, funky fonts from the 20s and 30s.

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