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Old Drawing: The Price Is Right

As a kid, I would draw and draw on reams of old-style computer paper supplied by my dad’s office job. So long as I had a trusty ball-point pen handy, I didn’t mind that the paper had faint horizontal green stripes and sprocket holes on each side. Scads of drawings resulted with just those two items; mostly doodles, cartoons and tracings of my fave comic characters.

Although most of this stuff invariably ended up getting tossed, I did save a few — like the über geeky rendering of the Price Is Right set in red felt-tip pen seen below. This is probably from about 1981. The drawing actually tells a little story: a contestant is rushing onstage after having the winning bid on an aquarium. Host and contestant are about to play a game of Hi-Lo, with a jeep of some kind waiting to be revealed behind the curtain. Funny how the other prizes are just sitting backstage. Guess I didn’t have time to draw little stagehands moving everything about.


3 Thoughts on “Old Drawing: The Price Is Right

  1. robbyrob on October 18, 2006 at 7:17 pm said:

    enjoy my flickr collection

  2. I’ve been skimming your site for years, but this is the first time I’ve been moved to comment. I love this! You got the little fish on the sail of the boat and everything!

  3. Thanks, Suzanne. I’m kinda surprised that I remembered that fish on the sail, too!

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