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Ready or Not

Looking forward to the December arrival of Saturday Night Live‘s Complete First Season, complete and unedited on 8 DVDs. This first season will be interesting to check out, since it was still a work in progress with a few elements (grungy Muppet creatures, short films) ironed out of the more polished later seasons.

Admittedly, “ABBA appeared on SNL?” was the first thing I thought upon reading that press release. It’s true: the Swedes performed “Waterloo” and “S.O.S.” in episode 5 from November 15, 1975. According to “this was the first episode where a musical guest did not sing live, as ABBA lipsynched. Dick Ebersol insisted that they be a musical guest, and a result Lorne [Michaels] reduced Dick’s output in the show quite considerably.”

One Thought on “Ready or Not

  1. A bit off topic, but the first two shows of this year’s SNL season have both been extremely weak. I think I mustered a laugh once. And then last weekend they reran the season premiere episode?! What’s going on over there? You’d think they would have come up with some fresh funny material during the off season. I think the current writing staff needs to get copies of this DVD. Perhaps they’ll find some inspiration. Get Abba to re-unite on the show if nothing else. I don’t even care if they lip synch.

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