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Man-Sized Love

Just completed a special mix disc of a musical style that I call Synthy Soul. All of these tunes appeared on the Billboard pop charts between June 1985 and August 1987, a period when Prince and Michael Jackson paved the way for scores of R&B artists to embrace a more strident, synthetic and danceable sound. The mix reminds me of the many afternoons spent watching music videos on BET, hosted by that super-smooth guy who looked like the lead singer of Kool & The Gang. Ah, good times.

I’m especially proud that this mix has tracks by the era’s four “star” groups — Starpoint, Atlantic Starr, Five Star, and Midnight Star. Follow the links for some primo ’80s video goodness.
Starpoint — “Object of My Desire”
Five Star — “Let Me Be The One”
Midnight Star — “Midas Touch”
Atlantic Starr — “One Lover At A Time”

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