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Gruesome Twosome: Girl Power Edition

The Pixies Three: “Welcome to the Party”
LP: Party With The Pixies Three, 1964 | BUY

The Breakaways: “That’s How It Goes”
Pye Records U.K. single, 1964 | BUY

Let’s break out the fun with a couple of Girl Group gems. No shrinking violets, the Pixies Three bring loads of spontinaety and charm to this opener for their lone LP, a concept album on the subject of parties. I love how the track goes through various popular dances of the day; makes me want to Monkey with the best of ’em. The Breakaways were best known for backing some of ’60s England’s biggest recording acts, but the thundering “That’s How It Goes” gave them an excellent chance to shine on their own. Producer Tony Hatch furnishes the gals with a raucous (and eerily correct) recreation of the Phil Spector sound. More about the Breakaways’ incredible career here. Thanks to Patrick for the Pixies Three.

2 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Girl Power Edition

  1. Great stuff! I’m particularly fascinated by the Breakaways track – I have what I presume is the original of this on a 45 as ‘La Ragazza di oggi’ (sp!) by Bobby Solo. Very cool track. I love the way songs were freely ported between european languages in those days!

  2. Neat find, Jonny. I didn’t know that was a cover.

    Last weekend, I heard an American version of a Francoise Hardy song, “Je Pense A Lui”. Turned out Francoise’s song was a cover version of the minor 1962 hit “Wonderful Dream” by The Majors. It was strange hearing it sung in English!

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