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It’s My Birthday

The rumors are true. As of today, I have reached 38 years old. I don’t feel 38. In many ways, I still feel like there’s much to learn about this thing called life. When my parents were my age, they already had the steady careers, the suburban house, and three growing boys. All the trappings of an adult life, yet maybe they too had the same outlook. We’re all on a journey here, and personally I can’t wait to see what twists and turns are in store.

Me and Christopher had a very nice birthday weekend. We started off by visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix. I drive by this place all the time, yet never stopped in until yesterday. It’s a beautiful, restful spot with a swarm of hungry koi fish in the park’s pond. I didn’t take our camera, so you’ll have to view these pages instead. After that we had lunch at a place called Knock Kneed Lobster, a greasy little dive that serves up some of the best fried seafood in town. — kind of a tinier, quirkier Red Lobster. During this visit, we spied the boxer Michael Carbajal eating in a booth not far from ours. Rounding out the afternoon, we went shopping at the grimy Goodwill east of downtown and spent an hour at the library. Christopher gave me a thoughtful birthday gift — an iPod shuffle engraved with our initials and the date we met. That was yesterday. Today was pretty normal, although I did get myself some yummy chocolate cake from Safeway. Another year, another lovely birthday.

8 Thoughts on “It’s My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, Matt! Sounds like you had a great time. I’ll have to send you something.

  2. I’m a bit late but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And my best wishes Matt. :)

  3. Mass Bradley on October 9, 2006 at 3:11 pm said:

    If there is anything better in this world than chocolate cake I don’t wanna know about it!
    Did you find anything groovy at the Goodwill?

  4. Cristiane on October 9, 2006 at 5:25 pm said:

    Happy, happy, happy!

  5. Happy Birthday, Matt! Keep your eyes on the mailbox (or the front porch perhaps!) for something from me to celebrate your day! Also, I’m not sure if you guys consider 10/7 to be your anniversary, but–if so–Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Christopher! What a really thoughtful gift he gave you to commemorate a wonderful occasion! I know how much both music AND Christopher mean to you. All my best, my friend… -Dan

  6. happy birthday! you know in chinese there’s a derogotory slang term for a silly woman which is literally 3 8(san ba). maybe it’s a sign that you should allow yourself to be as silly as you want to be, even if you aren’t a woman. :)

  7. Our anniversary is on November 22. Sorry for the confusion.

    William, I pledge to act as silly as I want – every day!

  8. Hey, belated best fishes from me and the giant Malaysian rats!

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