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Lost: One Stranded Viewer

MSNBC’s Andy Denhart is tired of Lost yanking his chain, and I’d have to agree. After an underwhelming second season, we’re no longer watching. How did something so promising turn so … boring? I’ve heard that the powers-that-be at ABC, desperate to court female viewers, demanded that the show focus less on sci-fi and more on the castaways’ relationships. But that doesn’t explain the script’s lurchings into convolutived mysteries that are solved with more mysteries, like a snake eating itself. Whatever the reason, buh-bye Lost. Enjoy your Dharma Project cheez doodles on your own because I’m outta there.

3 Thoughts on “Lost: One Stranded Viewer

  1. Christopher on October 5, 2006 at 9:15 am said:

    Sad to say, you are absolutely correct. I don’t mind waiting a few episodes for a resolution, but some of the “mysteries” of “Lost” are still un-answered two seasons later.

    What is really sad is that the show WAS very good. Excellent writing, good acting, engaging backstories. What happened to all that?

    At least we have “Studio 60” and “Jericho” to fill the void.

  2. Goodbye “Lost”
    Hello “Heroes”

  3. “Lost” is exactly how I feel when watching the show. So many characters, back stories and unresolved plot twists have caused me to throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care. My wife still watches it though — it’s about the only time I can have some uninterrupted time on the computer.

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