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No Way To Hide Your Prying Eyes delves into Judging Your Friends By Their Netflix Lists (via Hacking Netflix). Although the article belabors the point about the five-star ratings system, it does touch on the voyeuristic thrill of checking out which DVDs your friends have lined up. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas off them.

Anyone who’d like to become my Netflix Friend is welcome to do so by sending an invite to biz(at) We have the four-out-at-a-time plan, with myself having a queue for three deliveries to Christopher’s separate queue for one. C. tends to put the newer films on his (short) list so they get here faster — but my Friends never see that. Instead, they get my unwieldly queue filled with Mystery Science Theaters, weird documentaries, crappy TV shows, old Disney movies and the occasional Criterion disc.

2 Thoughts on “No Way To Hide Your Prying Eyes

  1. I’m already your Netflix friend, and I feel I’m letting down the team by not rating the movies I watch. I tried, honest I did. But at some point I realized I couldn’t be bothered. Sorry, Matt.

  2. That’s okay, Vince! I use the friends feature more for what people have on their queues than the ratings anyway.

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