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Yellowed, Stained, Might Be Worth Something

Another phase of my stuff reduction program has begun at eBay. You’ll recall that for the past several months I have been selling off my collection of excess Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware. Disappointingly, most of the pieces sold for 25-50% less than how much I bought them for in the ’90s (and I bought them cheap!). Plus, packing them for shipment and schlepping these huge boxes to the post office wound up being a total headache. Now that that’s over, we’ve started selling miscellaneous smaller items — mostly paper ephemera courtesy of our generous friend Julie. Among the items I have up for sale this week is my vintage pair of red leather Converse high tops that I’ve saved since 1986. Those might be profitable, unlike the Russel Wright.

That out of the way, I want to write about some of the neater retro-weblogs seen lately. I found Waffle Whiffer Zone via Bubblegum Fink. WWZ posts on semi-forgotten advertising characters of the past, such as Pizza Hut Pete. He recently did a writeup on Big Yella, who adorned boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Pops in the late ’70s in between Generic Cowboy and Poppy Porcupine (An aside on Poppy, surely one of the stranger cereal mascots ever: we were watching Mysterious Skin, and I was gratified that the film, partially set in 1983, showed a Corn Pops box with the porcupine. A little detail, I know, but little details really count.) Through WWZ I found Tiki Ranch, another worthwhile retro-themed weblog. Finally, there’s Swapatorium — which has been around for awhile, but oddly I never came across it until performing a Google search for Jim Palmer’s old Jockey underwear ads a few weeks ago (don’t ask). The resulting entry epitomizes what they do: explore forgotton junk of the past with witty commentary. Perfect!

2 Thoughts on “Yellowed, Stained, Might Be Worth Something

  1. Witty. Retro-themed. Hey, that’s my blog’s reason for being. Good luck with your ephemera sales on eBay. Once in a while, you get a big upside surprise. Hope you get lots of those. Great blog.

  2. Thanks, Marty! I like your blog, too, which until now has been unfamiliar to me.

    Amazing how many interesiting single-subject blogs are out there. My friend Eric sent along this bookplate collecting one.

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