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Oskar Fischinger on NPR

NPR’s Day to Day aired a good but too-brief segment on filmmaker Oskar Fischinger today. Fischinger’s influential animated shorts from the ’30s and ’40s translated the concept of abstract art into moving images; his Allegretto (1943) is a jazzy example shown below. And some of his work just recently came out on DVD! More info at The Fischinger Archive. Update: Allegretto has been removed from YouTube.

One Thought on “Oskar Fischinger on NPR

  1. Mass Bradley on September 6, 2006 at 10:35 pm said:

    Wow! Cool find, Matt!
    This makes me wonder if Mr. Fischinger was a “synthaesethetic” person– someone whose brain was uniquely wired to equate music with shapes and would actually “see” music as tangible geometric forms.
    More about this fascinating “synaethesia syndrome” here:

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