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A Bachelor Padful of Space Age Pop

Want some spiffy old music without trucking down to the Goodwill record rack? The answer can be found in PCL Linkdump’s entrée to dozens of Space Age Pop albums for download. Don’t know the legality of those links (most of the LPs are long out of print; a few might still be available on reissued CDs), so get them while you can.

If I could recommend just two of those albums, it might be Enoch Light’s fruggable arrangements of then-current pop hits on Discotheque and Discotheque, Vol. 2. That music reminds me of something that happened on old sitcoms (especially Gilligan’s Island). Whenever a character would tune into the radio, they’d have some generic “go-go” music on the soundtrack instead of a recognizable song. That’s what those two LPs sound like.

3 Thoughts on “A Bachelor Padful of Space Age Pop

  1. Nice. Ah, memories are made of stuff. Hard unbreakable stuff. Important stuff.

    Well.. Anyway. No, all the downloads in my entry are not per se “legal”. But I couldn’t resist posting them. But most are.

    Anyway, thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

    Now, let’s disco!

  2. Thanks for putting it all together, Sebastian!

    As for the legal issue, who knows? This stuff doesn’t exactly have widespread appeal anyhow. Even during the ’90s “lounge” craze, the major labels mostly ignored the possibilities in reissuing these LPs.

  3. thanks for pointing these out. i’m off to download now. :)

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