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Monthly Archives: August 2006

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Heap Big Gobble Gobble Man

The CBC did an interesting article yesterday speculating on why the gaming industry has never topped the success of Pac Man 25 years ago. Some historical tidbits in the article, although they missed the one where they had to change the name from the original Puck Man (to discourage would-be vandals). “Puck Man Fever”? Don’t think so.

Here Today, Gone Tome-orrow

Here’s a heads-up for fans of Taschen’s All-American Ads books. I’ve acquired most of these hefty collections of vintage ads over the past year, having just got the ’40s volume a couple of weeks ago. It’s great as usual, with lots of pages of beautiful illustrations. If you’re thinking about getting that particular one, better move fast — Taschen marked the book “sold out” in their latest catalog and no longer lists it on their website. Since the ’40s and ’50s were the two earliest volumes published (in 2002), that might possibly mean that Taschen is taking All American Ads of the 40s out of print. Looks like you can still buy it at Amazon here, but for how long?

P.S. Pardon me for that awful entry title!

Huh? Something GOOD on Network TV?

In a unique partnership, NBC and Netflix are offering its customers a preview DVD containing two pilot episodes from the new fall season — including Aaron Sorkin’s heavily anticipated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Me and Christopher decided to check it out last night. Halfway through watching, C. turned to me and said “Let’s record this show instead of Lost this season.” I said “Yeah!” We don’t invest a lot of time in current network TV shows (especially hour-long dramas), but this particular one hooked us in an instant — it’s that good. In a nutshell it’s The West Wing transplanted to the the behind the scenes doings at a fictional Saturday Night Live-type show. Matter of fact, a lot of the fun derives from the SNL comparisons. The entire plot rolls into action when a harried Loren Michaels-esque producer delivers a spontaneous speech on live TV about how his once-edgy show (and TV in general) has gone into the toilet. Amen, brother. Terrific writing, terrific cast.

Read Christopher’s take here.

The Villagers Have Stormed the Castle

Jim Hill Media delivers daily news on the Walt Disney company with an accent on the vintage — or at least it used to, apparently. I don’t read that site on a regular basis. But based on the flurry of comments on this post, I wouldn’t want to bump into a mob of angry ex-Jim Hill Media readers in a dark alley. Jeepers.

Plastic Dreams

I want to go back in time and attend a Tupperware party. Here’s the next best thing — Tupper Diva boasts a neat-o collection of memorabilia such as ads, brochures and perky postcards (“See you at my Tupperware Party!”). Dig through the website for the PBS’s great doc Tupperware! for more. They’re fantastic, made ‘o plastic.


Lesley & The Lesleyettes

Kicky! Lesley Gore pursues an inattentive bookworm in “Wonder Boy”. This clip contains the two hallmarks of vintage ’60s Scopitones: gorgeously saturated color and dancing girl panty shots. For more on Scopitones, listen to Jennifer Sharpe’s NPR story (via Bedazzled!).