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Welcome F.O.S. Babies

Let’s take up some space to announce two new arrivals for F.O.S. (Friends Of Scrubbles), shall we? I met Eric and Beth when they worked at The Arizona Republic, he in Editorial Features and she in Editorial Online, while I plugged away in Marketing. What struck me about them is that they were super-cool and, oddly, super-nice (newspaper Editorial people would just as soon eat their own feces than talk to Marketing folks, but I digress). We kept in touch when they moved to San Francisco, and now I’m proud that they count among my extended Viz family. Their first child, a girl named Tigerlily, was born on August 9th. I imagine that little Tigerlily already has several cool toys from the Giant Robot store in her nursery.

The other F.O.S. baby belongs to my pal Brad in Worchester (you might recognize his many pithy comments here, signed “Mass Bradley”). A few years ago out of the blue, Brad sent me an overly enthusiastic email basically saying “congratulate me, I just quit smoking!” After deducing that this gentleman was not a looney or a spammer, I emailed back — and we’ve had a long, enjoyable correspondence since. Brad’s little boy Henry came into this world just this morning. Henry’s a preemie and the labor process was intense, but it looks like baby and mom are both doing great. Happy day!

One Thought on “Welcome F.O.S. Babies

  1. Mass Bradley on September 1, 2006 at 7:42 am said:

    Thanks for the kind words! You made me feel ten feet tall, Matt!
    ( Making the front page of Scrubbles has been my secret dream for longer than I can remember!)
    Soon as I buy a digital camera I’ll be sure to bore you with many pictures of ol’ Henry.
    Easy-Bake-Becky is doing really well, and is coming home Monday. Henry will fatten up in the ICU for a month or so, and we’re all gonna have one hell of a Halloween party– EVERYONE invited!

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