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Gruesome Twosome: Secondhand Boogie Edition

Marlena Shaw: “Touch Me in the Morning”
LP: Take a Bite, 1980 | BUY

Ralph Carter: “When You’re Young and In Love”
LP: Young and In Love, 1975

Last month we caught Broadway Damage, a strained gay romantic comedy which only succeeded on the “gay” part. In its defense, the film did have a nice soundtrack — of which I’m sharing two cuts here. Both happen to be danceable remakes of earlier songs. Jazz singer Marlena Shaw took lots of flak for succumbing to the disco bug, but her commanding prescence on “Touch Me In The Morning” revealed that she carried much more authority than the typical dance dolly. Producer-songwriter Van McCoy teamed up with Good Times star Ralph Carter by dusting off and discofying an earlier hit of his, Ruby & The Romantics’ “When You’re Young and In Love” (the tune had also scored with the Marvelettes’ 1967 cover). Though Carter was only a preteen at the time, he’d had a couple of Broadway musicals on his resume and belts out the number as if trying to reach the folks in the cheap seats. Definitely a good match of song and singer.

2 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Secondhand Boogie Edition

  1. Hey Matt- I have two words besides awful crap to describe Broadway Damage…………
    Mara. Hobel. The little Tina Darling from Mommie Dearest grew up, and errrr, out. What a terrible movie!! Fave quote-“It’s Givenchy”. YUK. Check out one of our fave bad ‘gay’ movies-Holiday Heart-it is OTT!!

  2. “When You’re Young And In Love” has always been a huge favorite of mine. I acquired it myself back in the early 90 when I came upon a deejay’s entire collection of great disco records at one of our local thrift shops. Those were the days.

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