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Huh? Something GOOD on Network TV?

In a unique partnership, NBC and Netflix are offering its customers a preview DVD containing two pilot episodes from the new fall season — including Aaron Sorkin’s heavily anticipated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Me and Christopher decided to check it out last night. Halfway through watching, C. turned to me and said “Let’s record this show instead of Lost this season.” I said “Yeah!” We don’t invest a lot of time in current network TV shows (especially hour-long dramas), but this particular one hooked us in an instant — it’s that good. In a nutshell it’s The West Wing transplanted to the the behind the scenes doings at a fictional Saturday Night Live-type show. Matter of fact, a lot of the fun derives from the SNL comparisons. The entire plot rolls into action when a harried Loren Michaels-esque producer delivers a spontaneous speech on live TV about how his once-edgy show (and TV in general) has gone into the toilet. Amen, brother. Terrific writing, terrific cast.

Read Christopher’s take here.

2 Thoughts on “Huh? Something GOOD on Network TV?

  1. Well, Arrested Development and The Office were/are on broadcast networks…

  2. Although I tried, I never got into either of those.

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