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Lesley & The Lesleyettes

Kicky! Lesley Gore pursues an inattentive bookworm in “Wonder Boy”. This clip contains the two hallmarks of vintage ’60s Scopitones: gorgeously saturated color and dancing girl panty shots. For more on Scopitones, listen to Jennifer Sharpe’s NPR story (via Bedazzled!).

3 Thoughts on “Lesley & The Lesleyettes

  1. Lesley definitely sold me on that song via her video. The colors are wonderful, but someone had a fascination with girl-panties! Maybe it wasn’t the director, camera man, or editor, but… our lovely Lesby–er, Lesley herself?

    I have to say I also liked how the video setting seemed to be a college campus rather than the expected high school. I always thought Lesley’s voice seemed quite mature for the time and it’s nice to see that’s how she was portrayed.

    Loves me some Lesley, Matt. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Most of the U.S. Scopitones used cheesecake in some form, whether it was appropriate or not.

    Dan, you oughta check out the weird choreography in the Barbara McNair one!

  3. Wow… that was pretty, um… freaky. LOL I’m suspecting the two on YouTube (which appear to be performed by the same “cast” of dancers with Ms. McNair) were filmed in either 1964 or early 1965. It’s definitely pre-Motown, but not too much earlier (from the hair and outfits). Neat stuff!

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