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Effluvia for the Masses

Random jottings on a Thursday afternoon:

  • I’m late on this one, but Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 4 cartoons and bonus features were announced on Cartoon Brew. Give Warner Bros. props for devoting an entire disc to Frank Tashlin (yay!) … and another disc for Speedy Gonzales (boo-ring). Oh well. I still need to get Vol. 3 — maybe I’m still scared off by that set’s bizarre cover art.
  • Here’s a pair of lists I can really get behind: 10 Best and Worst Sci-Fi TV Show Openings (via Hit Or Miss). Actually, the Bionic Woman credits were kinda cool.
  • Chuck Klosterman of Esquire on The Snakes on a Plane phenomenon. For some reason, my email address was placed on the SOAP publicity mailing list. Those people are workin’ it. Anyway, Klosterman makes some very astute, depressignly true observations on the newspaper biz in there.
  • Joel Stein’s hilarious Elmo Is an Evildoer column addresses the frustrations of many an old-school Sesame Street fan. Like, how did a baby-talking, annoying simpleton of a muppet end up with so much screen time? And why doesn’t the red menace have his own show, preferably at 3 a.m.?
  • Also good for a laugh: Entertainment Weekly’s Project Runway recap. Don’t read if you haven’t seen last night’s episode!

2 Thoughts on “Effluvia for the Masses

  1. Never mind the shoddy cover art (where the #@$% are Bugs’ teeth?!?), Vol. 3 may be the best one so far. They burned off so much Jones & Freleng in the first 2 volumes that they’re now forced to include more by the other directors. There are good helpings of Clampett and Tashlin, more early cartoons, more obscure and interesting choices. I suppose the one good thing about the Speedy disc on Vol. 4 is that there shouldn’t be any more Speedies left after that.

  2. Sounds good — I much prefer the earlier, wackier stuff to the more popular 50s toons.

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