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My Big Fat Link Log

One thing I don’t miss from maintaining the old (pre-10/05) updating the blogroll was a pain in the butt. URLs change, people abandon their weblogs, or they simply don’t publish compelling content anymore. This time I’m just going to list the other weblogs I enjoy on a semi-regular basis as of right now, and link to this post on the scrubbles front page. That way I don’t have to worry about updating anything. Some are old favorites, some I just discovered in the last month or so. Whew.

1947project |
A Joshua Tree In Every Pot |
A Sampler of Things |
All Kinds of Stuff |
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog |
A.V. Club Blogs |
Awful Plastic Surgery |
Bedazzled! |
Bibi’s Box |
The Blackwing Diaries |
Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine |
Boing Boing |
Bob Sassone |
Book Covers Blog |
Bonnie Blog |
Booksteve’s Library |
Bostworld |
Bradlands Must See HTTP:// |
Bubblegum Fink |
Cardhouse |
Cartoon Brew |
Cartoon Modern |
Chris’ MediaLog |
Coudal Partners |
Crack Skull Bob | |
Delicado |
Design Observer |
The Disney Blog |
Disney History |
Drawn! |
Drew’s Blog-O-Rama |
Dynagirl |
EPCOT Central |
Eye of the Goof |
Fimoculous |
Folded Space |
Friday Fishwrap |
Fun All Around |
Ghost In The Machine |
gmtPlus9 | |
GreenCine Daily |
Hacking NetFlix |
Hit or Miss |
i like |
In Black And White |
Irregular Orbit |
Jinjur |
Johnny A Go Go |
Just Ask Christopher |
Kottke |
Lileks The Bleat |
Listen Missy |
Little Yellow Different |
Lots of Co. |
Mimi Smartypants |
Mindjack Film |
Mr. Irresponsible’s Bad Advice |
News From Me |
News of the Dead | |
The Other Andrew |
Other Stream |
Patrick’s Journal |
PCL LinkDump |
Pop Culture Gadabout |
Pop Culture Junk Mail |
Posterwire |
Quiddity |
RaShOmoN |
ReadyMade Blog |
Re-Imagineering |
Robot Action Boy |
Robot Johnny |
Ryan Arrowsmith |
Self-Styled Siren |
Sharpeworld |
Snarky Malarkey |
Something Old, Nothing New |
Sore Eyes |
things magazine |
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear |
Tim Lucas Video WatchBlog |
Tim O Thompson |
The Tin Man |
Tiny Pineapple |
Today’s Inspiration |
Tom the Dog’s You Know What I Like? |
TV Tattle |
Ultrasparky |
UnBeige |
Veer: The Skinny |
Vince Keenan |
VoxTrott |
Ward-O-Matic | |
Web Goddess |
What Do I Know |
The Whine Colored Sea

9 Thoughts on “My Big Fat Link Log

  1. Mass Bradley on August 16, 2006 at 5:00 pm said:

    Dang! When do you sleep?

  2. I hear you. I’m seriously contemplating making drastic cutbacks to my own blogroll to get rid of the sites that haven’t linked to me since the last Ice Age.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad to see the Goof still makes your list.

  3. Woo hoo! I made the cut. WOOT. :)

    Hope all is well in Scrubbles land!

  4. Christopher on August 17, 2006 at 9:18 am said:

    Did you include me because you think my blog is interesting, or because I mow the lawn every week?

  5. Yay! I made the cut! And for the record, I mow my lawn every…uh, other week.

    Thanks, Matt.

  6. Hey, I’m still there. Thanks.

  7. ha! it’s funny how many of us instantly checked to see if we were still on your blogroll…glad to see i’m still there! i remember at one time using your long blogroll to check out different blogs. i think it may be time that i do the same with this post.

  8. great!! thank’s for all the Links.

  9. I am married to this guy,(Kevin Sprouls – the original wall street journal portrait artist) for twenty five years this March and I am still in awe of his talent and his gentle generous nature. Just thought you might like to see his work. thanks for letting me share my joy.

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