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Gruesome Twosome: Brazilian Hot Wax Edition

Quarteto Forma: “Rua Cheia”
Odeon Brazil single, c.1970 | BUY

Dóris Monteiro: “É Isso Aí”
LP: Dóris, 1971 | BUY

Late summer puts me in a mood for funky old Brazilian music, like the two songs here. Quarteto Forma was a breezy boy-girl vocal group which at their best recalled a Brazilian Fifth Dimension. Drink in their lovely harmonies on the Marcos Valle composition “Rua Cheia”. Dóris Monteiro’s sexy, full-bodied voice has graced many records over a long career. I’m particularly fond of “É Isso Aí” since it uses that instrument that sounds like a straw moving through a cup cover (what the heck is that called?). Thanks to Ion for the Quarteto Forma.

2 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Brazilian Hot Wax Edition

  1. I believe it’s called a cuica, pronounced gwee-ka

  2. Thanks, Ken – I knew it had a name!

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