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Ladies Choice

GreenCine Daily notes that the feature on Chick Flicks is beautifully designed, and I’d have to agree. The writing’s good, too — essays on female-oriented films from the past 25 years, from Private Benjamin to Mean Girls.

4 Thoughts on “Ladies Choice

  1. Hmm, wacky “interactive” page turning combined with a font that I can’t change. Not sure I’d call that great web design, to be honest. The second a site forces me to read tiny cursive-ish script is when I hit the back button.

  2. The italic type is just on the intros. The articles themselves are in their usual, more readable format.

    What have you been up to, Ian? You haven’t updated your weblog since Feb. ’04!

  3. Uh…yeah.

    I worked on Dual Lens, a movie review site, for a few of those years. I’ve also been on a project to watch and review all of the Shaw Brothers films (about 1000 movies, depending on how you count).

    That, and I ran out of things to say. Best leave the blogging to you people with interesting things to say.

  4. Thanks, Ian!

    For what it’s worth, having nothing interesting to say hasn’t stopped many a blogger from blogging.

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